Artas iX Robotic Hair Transplant vs. FUT Strip Procedure

In the last half decade, there have been many improvements in hair restoration technology. Modern day advancements have made techniques popular in the 1970s, such as hair plugs, seem completely counter-intuitive.

Regenera Activa – Not Just For Hair Growth!

WHAT IS A TREATMENT WITH MICROGRAFTING REGENERA ACTIVA? Regenera Activa rejuvenation by autologous stromal cells is a specially designed system that uses autologous cells transplantation. Cells, which are present in

What Goes Into Dr. Max’s Hair Boost Solution?

At Maxim Medical, we are attentive to all your hair restoration needs and are happy to offer other solutions to help you achieve thicker, fuller hair. Maxim Medical offers Hair Boost,

Four Phases of the Hair Growth Cycle

According to the majority of articles on the topic, we lose about 100 hairs per day. When you hear that number, it's easy for many of us to wonder how we