Patient is repositioned from a prone position to sitting upright. To make patients more comfortable, they are welcome to enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.
Under the supervision of the surgeon, technicians are directed to carefully load implanters with harvested grafts that are deemed high quality.
Loading Implanters
Implantation process takes place once the recipient’s transplant area is fully numb. Dr. Max personally performs the entire Direct Graft Implantation procedure. All the implanters are then loaded and placed in a sterile area. Dr. Max uses medical-grade magnification lenses when implanting grafts one at a time. With advanced technology developed by Dr. Max it is possible to achieve placing speed of 800-900 grafts per hour.
Surgeon performs a quality control examination after Direct Graft Implantation. This mitigates the risk of faulty grafts and potential infections.
Quality Control


The advantages of Direct Graft Implantation include:
  • Minimal risk of scarring: Incisions are associated with higher risk scaring. For that reason, the DGI hair transplant method applies direct hair implantation technique, which eliminates the need for incisions, and therefore lesser risk of scarring. Also, there’s no need to sew the donor area where the hair follicles are extracted so that the healing process will be much faster. The Direct Graft Implantation tool helps to ensure that extractions are well-distributed to minimize the risk of scarring as much as possible.
  • Consistent Results: As a modernized technique, the Direct Graft Implantation implanter controls the angle, depth, and trend of the implanted hair follicles. So the new hairs grow just like your natural hair. When the hair grafts are implanted into the treated area, the growth angle, density, and the hair’s natural direction are taken into account. This way, you get natural results in all sensitive regions, including temples and hairline. Again, there are no linear scars or stitches with the Direct Graft Implantation transplant, meaning you’ll recover quickly.
  • No linear incision is performed, therefore no linear scars after the operation. So you return to your routine life within a short time.
  • Unlike traditional FUE and FUT implantation, direct graft implantation transplants more hair follicles without damage during the process for more hair growth and fast results. For instance, in the traditional FUE technique, patients have to wait at least three days before washing their hair- unlike the DGI method, where you can wash it on the same day. Using Direct Graft Implantation, it is possible to perform hair transplant without shaving. It could be particularly appreciated by women, who can achieve the quickest return to normal life with unshaved hair implant application, without experiencing a significant change in appearance.


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