Regenera Activa Treatment

Regenera Activa is one of the newest revolutionary  methods to treat male and female type hair loss. It is based on introduction of hair micrografts into the areas of hair loss. A three-step procedure that takes approximately 60 min with results may be  visible as early as 30 days.

This is accomplished by obtaining autologous micrografts (patient’s own tissue). In a single session, the patient is a donor and a recipient of the autologous micrografts. Thus, allowing the recipient zone to benefit from the regenerative activity of progenitor cells and growth factors (proteins that promote growth & healing)

Using the Regenera, a high concentration of cells is calibrated through a mechanical process and added filtrate to increase their elements and concentration.

Simple 3-Step Process

Step 1: Local anesthesia is applied to the nape of the neck and with the use of a punch biopsy tool, 3 skin samples (2.5mm diameter) are obtained.

Step 2: Samples are collected then are mechanically processed and filtered in a specialized device that will isolate the progenitor cells and growth factors.

Step 3: The prepared suspension is reintroduced into the scalp using fine tiny needles. This initiates the regenerative process, stimulating blood vessel formation and repair of hair follicles.


Results are seen just in one month under the microscope. By the fourth month, major changes in quality and density of hair follicles can be observed. Results may last up to 2-3 years. More than 60,000 patients worldwide have been successfully treated using this method.

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