The Direct Graft Implantation refers to the graft insertion technique used during a hair transplant procedure. Traditionally, grafts were implanted into premade incisions with the use of forceps. However, there is an issue that arises with this traditional method of graft implantation. Due to the fact that in this approach, grafts are handled by forceps and need to be placed into premade incisions, there is more chance of mechanical injury to the delicate structures of the graft. This can result in significant damage, preventing proper growth.

As opposed to the traditional method, Direct Graft Implantation involves the grafts being loaded into special implants, and then inserted directly into the treated area. As seen in the video, the Direct Graft Implantation method eliminates any possibility of graft injury during insertion. Other advantages of said approach include a more natural appearance since there is no incision being made in order to insert the graft. Additionally, angles of insertion and optimal graft distribution can be easily maintained, resulting in a more natural appearance of the hairline. Dr. Max dedicates significant time into research and development of the most advanced hair implantation techniques.

In the DGI Hair Transplant technique, a patented tool is used to plant each hair follicle, one by one, right into the scalp without making any slits. Aside from the use of this tool, an automatic hair transplant system can also be used - a robotic system that calculates the depth and angle required for every hair follicle. Here at Hair By Dr. Max, we take pride in knowing we offer the latest technology in hair loss solutions, the Artas iX Robotic Hair Restoration System.

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