About Dr. Max

Dr. Max is a well-respected and progressive-thinking physician within the hair restoration field. Beyond completing hundreds of FUE hair transplant procedures and being recognized as a Platinum ARTAS® Provider, Dr. Max is a designated trainer for physicians who have newly acquired the ARTAS iX technology. Additionally, Dr. Max is the Principal Investigator for Restoration Robotic’s ® research and development team. He works extensively to design and incorporate the latest technologies to the hair restoration field. His dedication to developing new hair loss solutions to produce the best outcomes for his patients has helped to elevate Maxim Medical Center as a premiere hair restoration center.

Platinum ARTAS® Provider

Maxim Chumak, MD is an esteemed physician who has been recognized for his clinical expertise and excellence with ARTAS® robotic hair transplant procedures.


Integrity, Reputation &

Dr. Max’s extensive clinical
experience with ARTAS®
Robotic System earned him
the prestigious
Platinum ARTAS® Award.

Lifetime OPEN-DOOR

We maintain continuity of
care after your surgery and
welcome follow-up’s with
us long after your FUE hair
transplant procedure to
ensure that you are satisfied
with your results, are
maintaining proper aftercare,
and have all your questions

A Multidimensional

At Maxim Medical, we utilize
a comprehensive hair restoration
approach to ensure that your
results are maximized. Beyond
FUE hair transplant procedures,
we also offer platelet-rich
plasma (PRP) therapy, laser
therapy, and medications to
fit your needs.

Solution & Confidentiality

Hair restoration solutions
are not a one-size-fits-all.
At Maxim Medical, we have
the expertise and
wide-ranging technology to
personalize your treatment
to your hair situation and

An Unrivaled Experience with Maxim Medical

Dr. Max and our staff are first and foremost committed to tailoring your hair restoration
experience around you and your needs.


ARTAS® Robotic Hair

ARTAS® hair restoration system
uses smart technology. ARTAS®’s excision
software determines the direction, angle,
and orientation of each follicular unit.
The result? The most natural looking hair.

Neograft® Hair

Exceptional and natural-looking hair
results can be achieved with NeoGraft, a
permanent hair restoration procedure
designed to be minimally-invasive and

Plasma (PRP)

We also offer advanced platelet-rich plasma
(PRP) technology to give you a non-surgical,
natural alternative to enable rapid growth and
renawl of your hair follicles.
/</span >


Scalp micropigmentation is another option
Maxim Medical is proud to offer you to help
you relieve the frustrating effects of hair


Maxim Medical offers Capillus® Laser
Therapy Cap, a non-surgical, FDA-cleared
hair loss treatment to help you achieve your
dream results. Capillus® works to utilizes
low-level diode lasers to stimulate your follicles.

Facial Hair

Our clinic also offers facial hair
transplants for those who are experiencing
facial hair loss.


Virtual Consultation

We are happy to offer a private online consultation option for those who are unable to
come into our office.


Dr. Max wants you to have the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible. Our committed and trained staff members will work hard to make sure you are taken care of, from your initial consultation until well after your procedure.


Hair restoration is an investment and so we are able offer you multiple inancing plans through Care Credit to help you achieve your dream look, regardless of your budget.

Travel Benefits

We understand that some of our patients travel from all over the world; we are happy to reimburse patients up to $1000 in the form of grafts to compensate for airfare.


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