How does it work?

During a consultation, Dr. Max will decide if Manual FUE is the correct route to go for your procedure. He will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan, based on your unique goals and preferences.
Initial Consultation
In the case of a No-Shave FUE procedure, no shaving of the head will be required. Local anesthesia will then be administered thus making the procedure completely painless.
  • Isolation of the FUs with manual punch (0.6 to 0.9 mm diameter)
  • Extraction of FUs by certified surgical technicians
Collection of Grafts
This is achieved via microscopes under the watchful eye of a certified hair expert. In order to create a natural result, grafts are separated by follicular quantity. This is crucial because certain areas have a predetermined follicular unit.
Quality Control
Manual FUE implantation can be done in two methods:
  • Micro-incisions are made in the balding area(s) (fine needle or micro scalpel). Hair follicles area transplanted by surgical technicians utilizing forceps.
  • Direct Graft Implantation (DGI): with an Implanter Pen. DGI is performed on the transplant area by trained physicians. Through DGi, we are able to perform micro-incisions and implantation simultaneously.
In No-Shave FUE, the hair length is maintained allowing you to bypass the normal time period it would take to see results. The trimmed donor follicles are therefore hidden amidst the remaining full-length hair, and a completely normal appearance post-transplant is achieved. Due to the nature of this surgery method, the transplanted hair can sometimes go into shock. However, the transplanted hair will grow back as intended and is permanent.
Instantaneous Results


Benefits of No-Shave FUE:
  • No detectability in donor area
  • No shaving or detectability on the transplanted area
  • Minimum swelling
  • Shorter recovery time than normal FUE procedure
Limitations of No-Shave FUE:
  • Limited count of grafts implanted
  • More time needed to harvest grafts
  • Labor-intensive procedure
  • Higher cost than normal FUE procedure

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A consultation with our Patient Care Coordinator is complementary and private.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the various male hair loss treatment options available at Hair By Dr. Max and have all your questions thoroughly answered.

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