Female-Pattern Hair Loss

Though both men and women suffer from hair loss, unlike male pattern baldness, we don’t know what necessarily causes female-pattern baldness. As far as the time at which women may lose hair, the range in age is similar to men. It can occur as early as after puberty, or begin much later in life when they enter menopause. In postmenopausal women, hair may begin to minitiaturize over the entire head, thereby losing its original volume and becoming difficult to style. Aside from AGA, genetics can be the causative factor, health issues such as iron deficiency or hormonal imbalance that arise from pregnancy, menopause, withdrawal of oral contraceptives, or hysterectomy can also spur hair loss in women. Due to its wide variety of causes, hair loss in a woman should never be assumed to be AGA. Examination and diagnosis by a physician, endocrinologist, dermatologist, and a hair restoration specialist are essential before any hair transplant is undertaken.

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Hair loss in women differs from hair loss in men due to the nature of how the hair changes. For women, the affected areas can thin significantly but rarely become totally bare of hair. The following are the most common types of hair loss patterns for women:

As said before, it is best to have your doctor or a hair loss specialist determine what is causing any hair loss you may be experiencing. From there, they could help you choose your next route. If you would like to learn about the hair loss solutions we offer, feel free to contact us!


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