ARTAS® Robotic Hair

ARTAS® hair restoration system
uses smart technology. ARTAS®’s excision
software determines the direction, angle,
and orientation of each follicular unit.
The result? The most natural looking hair.

Neograft® Hair

Exceptional and natural-looking hair
results can be achieved with NeoGraft, a
permanent hair restoration procedure
designed to be minimally-invasive and precise.

Manual FUE
Hair Restoration

Due to the precision this method grants
the surgeon, the Manual FUE hair restoration
surgery technique continues to be one of the
most practiced methods in the industry.

African & Caribbean
Ethnic FUE Hair Restoration

With the use of the FUE technique, hair
transplants for those of African and/or
Caribbean descent is much more possible.

Celebrity Hair

With this approach, feel free to keep your
hair long while also having no signs of a
hair transplant.

Strip/FUT and Surgical
Scars Repair

For our patients who had previously had a
Strip Surgery done, if they so choose, we
will use some of the grafts that we obtain
to cover the previous FUT scar.

Facial Hair

Our clinic also offers facial hair
transplants for those who are
experiencing facial hair loss.

Direct Graft Implantation

Offered as either manual or robotic
implantation, Direct Graft Implantation
is one of the newest methods to implant hair.


Scalp micropigmentation is another option
Hair By Dr. Max is proud to offer to help
you relieve the frustrating effects of hair loss.

Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa is one of the newest revolutionary
methods to treat male and female type hair loss.
It is based on introduction of hair micrografts
into the areas of hair loss.

Capillus Laser
Hair Therapy

Capillus® works to slow the progression of
hair loss and stimulate your follicles to
produce stronger, thicker hair shafts.


Depending on your level and type of hair
loss, Dr. Max can prescribe you a DHT
blocker as an oral or topical medication.

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