How to create a healthy relationship when you have alopecia?

No matter what society says, for many people appearance plays an important role in their lives, so when they are faced with such problem as baldness, it can significantly reduce their self-confidence. Alopecia is a general term that is used to describe thinning or hair loss. The most common cause of alopecia is genetics. Other causes can be problems with the thyroid gland, the autoimmune system (alopecia areata) or, in case with women, menopause. 

Baldness can significantly affect your self-confidence even though this condition affects 50 percent of adult men just like 50 percent of women will experience noticeable baldness. Of course, our hair in our 50s won’t look the same as it once did, hair loss and thinning are normal stages of aging. 

Although it is quite common, baldness can seriously decrease your confidence and sense of self, especially if you started balding before any of your acquaintances did. Therefore, there is a question: how to create a healthy relationship when there is no self-confidence and attractiveness?

That is why we have gathered for you some tips that can help you with solving this problem! Hair loss does not have to be the end of your life and put an end to all your plans!

  1. As mentioned earlier, alopecia is a medical condition, but it does not cause any serious harm to your health. It is not a sexually transmitted disease, so your partner will only need to know as much as you think is necessary. 
  2. Find the right word to explain your condition. Your partner may not know much about alopecia, so it will be your job to explain and debunk certain facts and stereotypes. 
  3. Talk about your condition when you are ready. To begin with you need to accept the fact that you have alopecia. When to share this information with your partner is up to you and your feelings. 

If hair loss significantly affects your life and does not allow you to enjoy it freely, you can always contact your doctor and choose a non-surgical or surgical methods to prevent hair loss. 

Remember that you are not the only person that is living with this condition. Hair and the lack of it does not define what kind of person you are!

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