We offer two in-person consultation options: a general consultation with a specialist and a comprehensive medical consultation with Dr. Max. To schedule an in-person consultation, you may either complete the form below or call our office at 954-945-2909. Our staff will do their best to accommodate your schedule and assist you with general questions. If you would like a preliminary and general assessment of your hair loss but are unable to come into our office, we are happy to offer an initial evaluation of your case with our complimentary Virtual Pre-Consultation option

General Consultation

During a general consultation, you will meet our hair restoration specialist who will provide you with preliminary assessment of your hair loss, listen to your hair loss concerns, and discuss with you realistic expectations to have following the procedure. Our specialist will also present you with a thorough explanation of the full range of hair restoration services we offer so that you can decide on a treatment plan that best fits your goals, budget, and hair loss situation.

Medical History Assessment & Hair Loss Evaluation

Dr. Max conducts a comprehensive medical history to assess your current hair loss situation and any family history of hair loss. Depending on the evaluation, he also can provide you with a referral to a dermatology specialist to complement your care.

Advanced Scalp Microanalysis

Dr. Max will also perform an advanced scalp microanalysis during your consultation. The microanalysis provides microscopic images of your hair shafts and root bulbs. The images enable us to visualize the thickness and health of your hair shaft and the size and condition of your bulbs, which can also be used to measure and compare your results over time. We will also provide you with a comprehensive, personalized report of the results following the analysis.



consultation and initial assessment with our hair restoration specialist

A general consultation is always complimentary, however we require a $50 deposit to reserve your appointment slot. The $50 will be refundable upon your arrival. In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly request at least a 24-hour notice.



Thorough medical history assessment, diagnostic hair loss evaluation, and advanced scalp microanalysis with
Dr. Max

*For a consultation with Dr. Max, half of the payment is required upfront to reserve the appointment.The payment would go towards any hair restoration procedure you opt for following your assessment.

Virtual Consultation

We are happy to offer a private online consultation option for those who are unable to
come into our office.