How Do I Start?

We do have several options for our patients or potential customers to contact us. You can be seen in-person in the clinic and we can go over the details regarding the procedure. We have two options for a typical hair consultation. One is with our hair consultant. The other one is with me [Dr. Max] and is a more thorough consultation. You also have the option to do a virtual consultation if it is not convenient for you to get to our clinic. All your submitted information is 100% Confidential. We will then contact you via Skype or other means of virtual meeting at a time that is convenient for you.

Where Are You Located?

We opened in Summer of 2016 in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale. We’re located in the Downtown Fort Lauderdale area, close to Las Olas Blvd. Our main location offers a multitude of services including Robotic Hair Restoration, Motorized FUE Restoration with NeoGraft, advanced Micro-targeted PRP Hair Restoration, Micropigmentation, and other services. We also have another clinic located in Midtown Miami. Currently, we are looking to open a new location in the Fort Lauderdale area that we hope will be even more accommodating for our clients.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Before the procedure begins a local anesthetic is applied, which may cause slight discomfort. Once the scalp is numbed, the procedure itself is not painful. Not only is the procedure pain-free, but many patients end up sleeping through harvesting/implantation. We do provide lunch for our patients on surgery days, picking from a wide array of local food options to order from.

How Will Transplanted Area Look After Surgery?

Today’s technology allows for the transplantation of individual follicular units. We also ensure that the direction of follicular hair growth in the transplanted area is the natural direction of your hair. What’s more, there are virtually no scars. Unlike older surgeries that left clients with linear scars in the back of the head, the procedures we perform may leave minimal, barely visible scars in the donor area. You can wear your hair any way you want: any length, any style.

What’s The Appropriate Age To Consider Hair Restoration?

In our blog, we discuss issues relevant to hair loss, hair thinning, and the available treatments. While opinions on when to get a hair transplant can be rather varying, we personally believe that a hair transplant procedure should not be done on an individual under 25 unless absolutely necessary. The reason being is that one’s natural receding hairline is not fully matured until later in life. The later you wait, the more telling your hair loss will be.

How Many Grafts Do I Need?

It is important to realize that a hair transplant is highly dependent upon each person’s individual hair loss situation. Moreover, once the procedure is done, it will take anywhere from 10-15 months to really show. From the consultation with our patient care coordinator, we can determine how many grafts are required for your specific hair loss situation. Feel free to call us at 954-945-2909.

How Long Do I Need To Wait Between Hair Transplant Procedures?

Before getting a second hair transplant procedure, it is strongly recommended to allow the results of the first procedure to completely fill in. This process can take anywhere from 12-13 months. Since we use the smallest-sized punch due to the enhanced precision of ARTAS, the impact on the scalp, specifically the harvested area, is very minimal. We’ve had cases where we’ve been able to perform 3 or 4 hair transplant procedures with no issue whatsoever.

What Is The Best Method Of Hair Restoration?

When you schedule a consultation without our Patient Care Coordinator, we will go over the best solution for your hair loss situation. Being a premier hair restoration clinic, we are more than well-versed in all modern hair restoration methods including ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant, FUE, Neograft, as well as many other popular methods.

Is Hair Restoration A Good Option For Women?

Though both men and women suffer from hair loss, unlike male pattern baldness, we don’t know what necessarily causes female-pattern baldness. As far as the time at which women may lose hair, the range in age is similar to men. It can occur as early as after puberty, or begin much later in life when they enter menopause. In postmenopausal women, hair may begin to miniaturize over the entire head, thereby losing its original volume and becoming difficult to style.

“Mega Session” What Is That?

Mega-sessions are hair transplant procedures in which approximately 3500-5000 grafts are transplanted into a patient’s recipient area. These surgical procedures require a longer amount of time than usual, organization ability, and quality control. These types of procedures do have to be performed with caution as they could potentially delete your entire donor area. We recommend a more conservative approach such as 2500-3000 grafts per transplant procedure.

Are There Any Medications That Will Aid In My Hair Growth?

During our consultation, we will go over what medicine may be discontinued or prescribed for your procedure with us. Hair By Dr. Max offers Dr. Max’s Hair Boost, which are DHT blocker topical solutions formulated with DHT blockers and other ingredients. Our hair growth serums have been clinically proven to boost your hair follicles and increase hair density. Our Hair Boosts come in solutions for use by both men and women; both formulas are prescription-only and do require a formal consultation with Dr. Max.

How Long Should I Be Off After My Hair Transplant?

While everyone’s recovery time is variable, we do recommend taking at least one day off after the procedure since we do schedule a hyperbaric treatment for the day after. It is important to not engage in any strenuous exercise for at least one week post-transplant. Like any procedure, recovery time is also dependent on how well one follows the post-procedure instructions and recommendations.

Will Smoking Affect My Hair Transplant Procedure?

Put simply, the answer is yes. Smoking will affect how much hair will regrow, as well as prolong the healing time, and overall state of health. This includes increased risk of lung cancer and other harmful effects that smoking is associated with. Aside from smoking tobacco, this does also include smoking marijuana. We recommend that our patients who smoke to be aware of these effects and to take proper steps in mitigating the process.

Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant?

In general, sun exposure after a procedure should be avoided as much as possible for about three months. UV radiation can be very harmful to new grafts, thus should be avoided for around 3 months.Some options to do so would be to wear a hat or sunblock for the implantation area. Ofcourse, if you have any post-transplant questions, feel free to call us.

What Is PRP Treatment?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of today’s most effective natural remedies for rejuvenation throughout the body. PRP procedures are widely successful in large part because they rely on the patient’s own cells to stimulate growth and renewal, leading to amazing breakthroughs in cosmetic medicine, sexual health and hair restoration. These areas are just a few of PRP’s expanding applications.

How Are The Grafts Stored During My Procedure?

Storing grafts is one of the most critical steps in a hair transplant procedure. How the grafts are stored will determine its regrowth. There are multiple methods we incorporate to make sure the extracted grafts are as healthy as possible. Once these grafts are removed, they must be stored in an environment that is safe and can promote their regrowth. We store grafts in Hypothermosol with ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser cap therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment that helps restore the hair of an individual who is experiencing thinning or balding. During Capillus® Hair Growth Cap treatment, a flexible laser cap is placed on the head, which emits red light at specific wavelengths and intensity. A laser cap for hair growth is suitable for men and women. If you have any questions regarding laser hair therapy, feel free to give us a call. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are There Any Medications I Can Take To Help Aid In My Hair Growth?

Depending on your hair loss, Dr. Max can offer you a prescription DHT blocker in Florida as an oral or topical medication to treat hair loss. This hair growth serum contains the active ingredients finasteride and minoxidil. In addition, there also has been evidence that minoxidil can increase the thickness of hair follicles. The end result is a fuller, thicker head of hair for many patients, as well as a reduction in the level of hair loss.

How Long Does It Take Before I See My Results?

In general, most patients will see results come in between 5-6 months. It could then take up to 18 months for full results to fill in. However, post-transplant care (hyperbaric sessions post-transplant and taking medication) will ensure the best outcomes. Hair By Dr. Max offers Dr. Max’s Hair Boost, which are DHT blocker topical solutions formulated with DHT blockers and other ingredients. Our hair growth serums have been clinically proven to boost your hair follicles and increase hair density.

*Individual results may vary.

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