What is a NeoGraft® hair transplant procedure? NeoGraft® hair transplantation is a permanent procedure designed to be minimally-invasive and precise, creating for you exceptional and natural-looking hair results.

NeoGraft® automated technology means more precise extractions. No scalpel incision is required, which means no linear scars. The permanent result is a full head of hair.*

With hundreds of hair restoration procedures performed, Dr Max is an experienced surgeon and progressive thinker who is able to bring this new, effective technology to his clients. Dr. Max will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan, based on your unique cosmetic goals and give you the results you’ve been dreaming of!*

*Individual results may vary

What are the benefits of neograft®?


No linear incisions or

Less discomfort than
other FUE techniques

Short recovery time

Maintains natural
hairline at the donor

Ideal for both men and

How does it work?

Initial Consult

Your initial consultation will be thorough and collaborative. Dr. Max will work with you to create a persotalized treatment plan based on your cosmetic goals

ARTAS® Planning

Neograft® technology extracts, collects, and separates and implants high-quality grafts through follicular unit extraction (FUE). Your donor hair will retain its natural look and the hair with retain its natural look and the hair is transplanted into the desired area with accuracy and precision

Optimizing the Results

You will see results in 6-12 months: permanent, full hair that is naturally yours!

Why choose NeoGraft®?

  • Fewer extractions needed.
    With NeoGraft®’s automated transplant system, the grafts are not damaged during the extraction step. Thus, less extractions are required to restore the scalp area you want to treat.


  • Shorter procedure time.
    Because the grafts require less preparation, this shortens the length of your procedure.


  • Short healing time.
    Large areas can be done in one session, so the recovery time is painless and quick — about 80% faster than the traditional strip transplants. Patients can typically return to work the following day.


  • No tell-tale signs of hair transplant.
    As opposed to the traditional strip transplants where an entire strip of scalp is removed, NeoGraft® hair transplantation leaves no linear incisions or scars and involves no stitches or staples.


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