How Does A Celebrity Hair Transplant Procedure Work?

It’s generally believed that a hair transplant can only occur if the patient’s head is completely shaven. While this is a standard prep method for surgery, it is not necessary. We are now able to perform a hair transplant without having to shave the entire head area. This method of FUE Procedure is known as a Celebrity Hair Transplant. Only the area in which the hairs are being extracted will be trimmed short. With this approach, there are no signs of a procedure having been done.


While the No-Shave FUE method is not very common to see in most clinics, we do offer it here at Hair By Dr. Max, Restoration Center. Most clinics shy away from this approach since it requires a highly-trained team to properly work around the existing hairs. This can also result in a longer procedure, in terms of time. Moreover, it is important to note that the No-Shave FUE Hair Transplant cannot be done by the Artas IX® Robotic Hair Restoration System as it requires the full head to be shaven. Instead, we perform this procedure with Trivellini Tech’s® Mamba device.


The No-Shave FUE technique is usually called a Celebrity Hair Transplant because celebrities would not want to make it apparent that they had received a hair transplant. Don’t be fooled by its name though! Any patient who does not want to shave their entire head can receive this FUE procedure. 



1. Initial Consultation 



During a consultation, Dr. Max will decide if Manual FUE is the correct route to go for your procedure. He will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan, based on your unique goals and preferences.  



2. Pre-Op



In the case of a No-Shave FUE procedure, no shaving of the head will be required. Local anesthesia will then be administered thus making the procedure completely painless.



3. Collection of Grafts 


The process of collecting grafts in a celebrity hair transplant procedure include:

  • Isolation of the FUs with manual punch (0.6 to 0.9 mm diameter)
  • Extraction of FUs by certified surgical technicians



4. Quality Control



Quality control for a celebrity hair transplant is achieved via microscopes under the watchful eye of a certified hair expert. In order to create a natural result, grafts are separated by follicular quantity. This is crucial because certain areas have a predetermined follicular unit.



5. Implantation



  • Manual FUE implantation can be done in two methods:
  1. Micro-incisions are made in the balding area(s) (fine needle or micro scalpel). Hair follicles area transplanted by surgical technicians utilizing forceps.
  2. Direct Graft Implantation (DGI): with an Implanter Pen. DGI is performed on the transplant area by trained physicians. Through DGi, we are able to perform micro-incisions and implantation simultaneously.  



6. Instantaneous Results



In No-Shave FUE, the hair length is maintained allowing you to bypass the normal time period it would take to see results. The trimmed donor follicles are therefore hidden amidst the remaining full-length hair, and a completely normal appearance post-transplant is achieved. Due to the nature of this surgery method, the transplanted hair can sometimes go into shock. However, the transplanted hair will grow back as intended and is permanent.

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