Telogen Effluvium | Stress-Related Hair Loss

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Impact of Stress on Hair Loss

On average, a person will naturally lose about 100 hairs each day. Telogen effluvium occurs when certain stressful events trigger hair loss beyond this normal amount. The condition gets its name from the fact that, with telogen effluvium, an abnormal amount of hair is pushed into the telogen phase of the hair cycle. With more hairs in the resting phase, the person may lose about 300 hairs each day. Many different stressors can contribute to telogen effluvium. These different events can include major surgeries, trauma, psychological stress, abrupt hormonal imbalances, extreme weight loss or diet, and many more.


When To Seek A Doctor For Stress-Induced Hair Loss

While prevention for telogen effluvium is difficult since we cannot prevent most of the stressors that trigger the condition, a balanced diet might help. Seek a medical doctor if you’ve been experiencing excessive hair loss or obvious thinning of your scalp (“Telogen Effluvium”, 2016). A skilled hair restoration physician might be able to help come up with an effective treatment plan to prevent future hair loss, stimulate hair follicles, and promote hair regrowth.


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