We at Hair By Dr. Max place honesty and transparency at the utmost importance with our patients. To maintain consistency and efficiency in all aspects during the day of procedure, Hair By Dr. Max had implemented the following set of policies. 


If patients/clients have any questions with regards to the following policies, please call (954) 945-2909 for assistance.


Photo ID Requirement


On the day of procedure, a photo ID of the patient must be submitted for their patient file. Acceptable forms of photo ID include: 

  • Drivers License
  • Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Other similar ID issued by Government agency to verify identity


Procedure Deposit


To hold a patient’s procedure date, a deposit of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1000) is due at time of booking. This procedure deposit will be applied to the cost of the patient’s procedure. In the case of a patient rescheduling/cancelling SEVEN (7) days or less prior to their scheduled procedure date, the following rescheduling or cancellation terms below will apply.




If a patient must reschedule the procedure date 7 days or more prior to the reserved date, Hair By Dr. Max will reschedule the patient’s procedure at no cost. However, after two (2) occurrences of having to reschedule, Hair By Dr. Max has the right to cancel the patients’ procedure and choose not to do any further service with the patient. Moreover, the procedure deposit will be forfeited to Hair By Dr. Max.


In the case of rescheduling a procedure date SIX (6) days or less prior to the patient’s procedure date, this may be done at a cost of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($500) to the patient. Hair By Dr. Max may also choose to cancel the procedure and refuse to further service said patient. Additionally, the procedure deposit will be forfeited to Hair By Dr. Max.




In a case where the patient decides to cancel their scheduled procedure SIX (6) days or less prior to the date, Hair By Dr. Max will keep the greater of (i) the ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1000) procedure deposit, or (ii) FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of the full payment. In the case of multiple cancellations (>2), Hair By Dr. Max has the right to withhold the entire payment of the procedure.


Credit Card Payments


For credit card payments up to $3000, no finance charges will be required. For credit card payments equating to more than $3000, the sum above the initial said amount will include a 2.5% additional financing fee.


Full Payment


Full payment of the procedure, regardless of payment method, must be paid TEN (10) days prior to the patient’s procedure date. If said payment is not received SEVEN (7) days prior to the patient’s procedure, the procedure will be cancelled and the patient’s deposit will be forfeited to Hair By Dr. Max. Payments, as well as alternative payment instructions, can be processed by phone at (954) 945-2909.


Refund Exception


If necessary, Hair By Dr. Max has the right to waive their strict refund policies. This is done at MM’s sole discretion. Cases in which this extreme situation may occur include: 


  • Personal injury or illness – not applicable to medical conditions from a pre-existing condition of which the patient had knowledge of when the procedure was reserved. In this case, a doctor’s note must also be submitted to Hair By Dr. Max.
  • Death of an immediate family member.


Date of Policy


Last Updated and Effective Date: June 16th, 2020