How Do I Start?

Hair By Dr. Max, Restoration Center – How Do I Start?

Hi, I’m Dr. Max at Hair By Dr. Max, Restoration Center, and today I’d like to address some of the FAQs regarding the type of procedures we do and the preparation for each.

So, one of the FAQs is “How Do I Start?”.

We do have several options for our patients or potential customers to contact us. You can be seen in-person in the clinic and we can go over the details regarding the procedure.

We have two options for a typical hair consultation. One is with our hair consultant. The other one is with me and is a more thorough consultation.

You also have the option to do a virtual consultation if it is not convenient for you to get to our clinic. In this case scenario, you would submit your questionnaire, including your photographs. All your submitted information is 100% Confidential.

We will then contact you via Skype or other means of virtual meeting at a time that is convenient for you.

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