Are You A Good Candidate For A Hair Transplant?

Though a hair transplant can be one of the best methods of restoring your hair, the reality is not everyone can get one. Being a candidate for a hair transplant is not as simple as having hair loss. There are many considerations patients need to be aware of to make sure it is the right procedure for them, but we will go over four main reasons. Are you a good candidate for a hair transplant? Let’s read on.


1. The Ideal Age Is Between 25-65



Though there are no actual limits to what age one can get a hair transplant procedure. We at Hair By Dr. Max, Restoration Center recommend holding off such a procedure until the age of 25. For the most part, one’s hair loss pattern is quite established between the ages of 25-65. For patients younger than 25, they are still experiencing premature hair loss. This can always change once they grow older. On the other hand, patients over the age of 65 tend to have very thin hair and this solution might not work best at that point. Someone who is completely bald or has very little hair left cannot get a hair transplantation surgery because there is little to no hair to transplant. This can present itself as a fundamental issue in terms of the final result.



2. It Depends On Your Type Of Hair Loss 



The best candidates for hair transplantation are those who suffer from pattern baldness. There are many other serious conditions that could cause hair loss, yet the one that is best able to be worked with is Androgenetic Alopecia (male/female pattern baldness). This is usually a genetic condition that affects only parts of the scalp. Thus, this leaves parts with good donor hair that can be extracted, also called donor hair follicles. Patients suffering from more serious forms of alopecia or other types of hair loss will tend to have poor hair follicles. This can impact the success of the transplant.



3. You Should Have A Pretty Healthy Lifestyle



Aside from the fact that it is beneficial for one to be in good shape, it does play a rather important role in surgical procedures. We’re not saying you must be an olympian but, a relatively healthy lifestyle and proper diet will definitely make post-surgery go smoothly. A healthy immune system will mitigate potential issues, as well as promote quicker healing. If you have suffered from pre-existing health issues, it is recommended that you speak to your doctor before undergoing such a procedure. It is imperative that the surgeon who would be performing the procedure is aware of any health issues pre-surgery.



4. You Should Know Your Hair Loss Classification



Two important factors must be considered when assessing the amount of hair loss: (1) severity of hair loss and (2) quality and quantity of donor hair. This is an important step in deciding if a patient qualifies for hair transplantation, since there must be a good supply of healthy hair follicles available for hair transplantation to be successful.


If you are considering hair transplantation, consider Hair By Dr. Max, Restoration Center Clinic. We have the newest, cutting-edge technology in robotic hair transplantation: the ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System.


Feel free to give us a call at 954-945-2909. We’d be more than happy to help to answer any questions you have!

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