ARTAS Hair Studio®

See Your Potential Results Before Your Procedure with the ARTAS Hair Studio® Technology

An important question patients seeking a hair transplant procedure ask is "How will I look after my procedure?". Up until now, you could only imagine how your results would look and cross your fingers. Now, with the introduction of the groundbreaking ARTAS Hair Studio® Technology, you do not need to wonder any longer.

During the consultation, your physician will use the ARTAS Hair Studio® Technology to create a customized hair transplant design as a 3D model based on your personal photographs.

Different aesthetic outcomes require different graft numbers, distribution and placement of your transplanted hair. Using ARTAS Hair Studio®, you will see the optimal number of grafts and hairline design needed to meet your expectations. No guessing is required. Together you can make a decision based on your needs and Dr. Max's recommendations.

ARTAS Hair Studio® Simulation (2,600 Grafts)

Here Is The Process Of Your ARTAS Hair Studio® Consultation

Dr. Max will take photos of you to design a customized hair pattern and illustrate aesthetic options. You will see the potential results if your grafts are placed in different areas of your scalp and how increasing your hair fullness and improving your hairline design will change your appearance.

Being able to view these different options helps address a fear of the unknown by enabling you to preview your potential outcome and see what you could look like with your new, permanently growing hair. If they are part of your decision-making process to choose to have a procedure, your spouse will also benefit from seeing what you could look like after your ARTAS® Robotic Procedure. It is very helpful to actually see what Dr. Max is describing vs. having to use your imagination and hope for the best.

This process may help to build your confidence by presenting you with an achievable, desirable aesthetic outcome. Men and women who decide to have a hair transplant benefit from understanding what is realistic and reasonable given their degree of thinning or baldness, facial structure, age and desired result. Dr. Max will use his expertise and medical judgment to advise you and assist you in making the best decision.

ARTAS Hair Studio® Simulation Options

Hairline Design:

Number Of Grafts:

1,000 Grafts

2,000 Grafts

3,000 Grafts

Individual results may vary