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How to create a healthy relationship when you have alopecia?
No matter what society says, for many people appearance plays an important role in their lives, so when they are faced with such problem as baldness, it can
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What is different about hair loss in men and women?
More than half of men and women live with androgenetic alopecia. This term is used when talking about pattern baldness in men and women. Although both can
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Easy Hair Care Tips You Should Know
Hair seems to be just one of those things we don’t think much about. Until we start to lose it on our heads, that is. There are
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How To Get Rid of Bald Spots - Top 5 Ways
For many, a bald spot can catch many by surprise, once it becomes very noticeable. It can become a real confidence killer and contribute to one’s insecurities. 
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What Causes Beard Hair Loss Alopecia Barbae
What Causes Beard Hair Loss? (Alopecia Barbae)
While it is rather uncommon relative to scalp hair loss, beard hair loss (alopecia barbae) is something that many people suffer from. Similar to hair loss of
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Dr. Max’s Hair Boost Serum - How To Use
In most cases, hair loss is a result of miniaturized hair follicles and a shortened hair growth cycle. In a process called miniaturization, DHT shrinks hair follicles
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How Does A Hair Transplant Work?
What To Know Before Getting A Hair Transplant   Eligibility For The Hair Transplant: It is essential to understand what makes one a perfect candidate for hair transplants; this
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4 Surprising Causes Of Hair Loss
When first noticing early signs of hair loss, rushing to Google for reasons why may be your next move. While there are the common reasons for hair loss, such as
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What To Avoid If You’re Losing Your Hair
When going through hair loss, it can be very tempting to cover this process up. For those who view losing one’s hair in a negative light, this can lower their
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Things To Know When Considering A Hair Transplant
With a new year now around, many of us may have a couple resolutions we want to tend to. For some, this may be the year they choose to consider
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Thinking Of Getting A Hair Restoration Abroad? Read This First
So you’re finally tired of watching your hairline punishingly recede before your very eyes..You’ve been doing your homework into clinics and the likes. Specifically, you are thinking of getting a
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4 Common Myths About Hair Transplants
The beauty of the cosmetic industry is that it has allowed us to compensate for where nature betrayed us. Hair loss is one of these things many people have suffered
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Are You A Good Candidate For A Hair Transplant?
Though a hair transplant can be one of the best methods of restoring your hair, the reality is not everyone can get one. Being a candidate for a hair transplant
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How Does Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Work?
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is another popular solution for hair loss. It is a non-invasive treatment that creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles, restoring the appearance of hair on a
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What Your Hair Says About Your Health
While we are so focused on how long it will stay with us or how we can style it differently, it’s easy to forget what your hair says about your
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